Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sculpting Bundeswehr 20mm/1:72 ISAF modern - continued

Got some good progress today. Dude number one has a face and a pant leg AND a boot!

I completed the G36. It's awesome. The silhouette of it is to scale but in terms of the actual individual parts it's more bulky. I think it's fine and dandy. The important part is that it looks good and I think it do. One down.

The face was like always, panic inducing and intense. I work on the Green Stuff, think to myself "yes, it looks great just a few more touches here..."; it's ruined. Sculpt in complete despair; looks good again. To be honest I have no idea how the hell it turned out as nice as it did. I'm not sure but I'll consider adding a grain of dust's worth of putty to the nose and maybe do something with the eyes. Maybe not. It's going to have a lot more going on around there, it might detract from the overall look if I mess with it more.

Once this cures it's on to leg number two and ears. Maybe start another G36 in the next session, set up another armature. It's coming along nice but I would like to pick up more speed. I don't have that much time to dedicate to sculpting but I think I can do a little better faster.

Yeah, I'm kneeling. So what?

Pew pew pew

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