Friday, 26 October 2012

Do miniatures dream of very small sheep?

Thanks to some good advice on the forums I've come to the inevitable realisation that the torso was severely under sized. I knocked the pouches off with a spear pointed wax carver and added material to match my proportional reference. The difference was around 1 mm for the width and 2 mm for the depth(that's a lot!). The details are a bit sharper now and I think it blends in to the previous layer rather well. 

While the material was wet I pushed the pouches back into place. I might sharpen the detail on the top flap of them because it looks a little smudgy.

I've also added the m92 helmet. The shape is a little off but I hope to remedy that when I add the helmet cover. 

I was also told that all Bundeswehr infantry were issued a p8 pistol so that will go with a quick draw holster on the front left top of the vest. 

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