Monday, 29 October 2012

The first German is almost finished.

Pew pew pew.
I'd like to redo the right hand so after it cures I'll shave most of it. After this it's the leg and then THE CUTTING! Actually, first there's basing I think. I've settled on "kidney shape".

As for the cutting itself. For the mould making process you can't have any "undercuts" or trapped negative spaces. Right now there's an undercut between the two arms + the rifle.

My plan is to chop off the right hand and take it off with the G36. I'll use a levering action to disengage the left hand from the fore grip and hopefully it'll make a clean break. I think there will be a bit of repair work and touch ups on things I couldn't quite reach. I would like to try and make some kind of socket/dowel arrangement if it won't make things too hard for me.

After that, BAM! I'm 20% finished. :)

I think I'll work on two miniatures simultaneously for the next guys. Hopefully I can work my up to working on 3 or more during each session. I'll see how I handle it with the Green Stuff. Maybe I'll mix up the epoxy successively maybe I'll do both at once. Doing it successively is probably the more sound technique but it will be more complicated to keep track of the stages of curing.

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Stargazer said...


Good work! Really like the progress! The only thing, I have to mention is, that the G 36 looks a bit big for the soldier, more like an MG 3. But well, can be that it just seems this way.

But away from that: nice work - really nice work!

Keep it up ;_D