Friday, 19 October 2012

G36 musings and progress

Coming along nicely now. First layer of Brown Stuff on the G36. I'll do a little bit of sanding on it I think, but it doesn't seem to need much. Bless their heart, Heckler & Koch, for their simple, clean design. The more I look at the G36 the more I think that it's some kind of penultimate 90's vision of a future weapon. BIG! Long as hell and with built in optics. It looks so tall on its lateral aspect and boxy. I'm very much reminded of the Starship Troopers weapons. I see some small things that I'd like to improve like the stock maybe. However I am going to be making 5 or 4 more of these so some things are going to be lessons learned and leave it at that; also, the stock will probably be mostly covered up by the arm on one side and the body on the other so it's not exactly  a "feature", is it?

Oh, and check out how the dude is coming along. The arms are proportioned but not posed. Once they're fixed in place we can pose them a bit and build up the masses in earnest. Then it's on to the face, boots, pants, vest and arms. Just a hop, skip and a jump.

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