Monday, 15 October 2012

More 1 to 72 scale goodness (session 2)

I've really missed sculpting. So calming, it is. Very enjoyable. Today's progress features goopy G36. I tried to smear some Green Stuff on the various places so the Brown Stuff can have something to latch on to later as it is less sticky than GS. It's coming along rather nicely I must say. It's going to be slightly bulkier than true to scale, I can tell. I think it'll pay off, though, because it will be more "readable" and it's going to be absolutely dee-lish in that scale with the guys all proportional and what have you.

These initial stages can't really be hurried because I'm making something to work "against" and until I have that I really can't put much pressure. I think it's going to move really fast, though, when we do get there. There's 4 more dudes to go so it better. 

1:72 scale G36 V.01.02

1:72 scale modern German infantry - armature. Kneeling, shooting.

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