Saturday, 26 January 2013

1:35 Sci Fi Orbital Drop Troop design

I finished the design sketch sculpt for the science fiction orbital drop trooper. The scale is 1:35 putting our guy at 51-52mm tall. To recap- the armature is 1mm thick wire with basic anatomical shapes sculpted in green stuff. All the rest was done in FIMO. 

Knowing that this is a one-off and just for my personal use I didn't try for a very high level of polish. I am very happy with how he came out though. 

The helmet design was slightly improved with the addition of ear circles and a forehead plate/visor compartment. He might need additional face shielding. There's also a small interface computer box on the right hand side of the helmet. 

I baked the sculpture, primed it with some Tamyia fine primer (light grey) and painted it. Afterwards I added some basing materials and everything right there on the wood block where I sculpted it. 

I must say, seeing him standing in a sort of environment with the color and all is very enjoyable. I think the design is solid. If I ever do create a crowd funded project these pictures will come in handy to show prospective investors what the design is all about. 

Next on this project is, I suppose, coming up with 1-5 poses and kits to make and sculpting them. I do believe I'd want to have a good amount of the initial work done before launching a crowd funding project because it will generate a trust that I can get the job done (having gotten it done already) and people can get a look at what it's all about. Having the sculpts beforehand will, I hope, make people want to own the casts and send in money.

I might do another one of these figures again. I like it. 


Don't worry now that I've forgotten about our other projects. The Bundeswehr and mystery folk have been on the back burner because to work with the Green Stuff I need to have at least two uninterrupted hours which I didn't get. The FIMO I can leave and get back to until it's baked. But I'll finish them. Hopefully sooner than later.

Flames of War

I also painted this Stug.  

Write a comment if you have something to say. I'm especially interested in input on the Drop Trooper. What other names might one call such a soldier? You can follow the blog by clicking the join thing. 


Stargazer said...


You know me. I am not easy to convince, so I am still uncertain about this guy having his magazines just on one side. As a servicemember I see some difficulties in that, but nevertheless - I really like the design and despite the fact, I prefer my own designs, I truly would buy some guys just because I like them.

Just bought a female commander, who is 72 mm high, so I think this guy would perfectly fit to her ;-D

The stug also is nice. As a long time paratrooper player in WWII tabletops, I remember those units being some bad ass support to some extreme bad ass guys. Cool thing you finished it ... It could use some more dirt neverteless.

I am looking forward to see more ... by the way? Any ideas on the weapon for the Drop trooper?

And how about the name? Why don't use an hebrew or middle east based name. There were projects called "Bundeswehr in space" and so on during construction periods of greater sci fi miniature ranges. So why don't use such a name? (I remember this hebrew expression for the Elysian Drop Troop Regiment)

Take care


Nadav Igra said...

I see your point on needing at least symmetrical weight distribution.

He might be a little short for your commander :)

Thanks for the critique re: Stug. I'll do some more work on it later on.

I've been considering the weapon. I'm not entirely sure. Though it's a future setting I still want to have the roots in modern firearms.

No name yet, any suggestions would be welcome. Hebrew might help, I'm not fixated on anything except for it to be cool enough.

Thank you so much Stargazer for all your comments and help so far! You're a true virtual blog-friend.

Stargazer said...

I am? I thought I am just a Stargazer, looking into heaven and trying to find some hidden messages and dreams ;-D

It's a pleasure for me. I really like the work.

Concerning the Stug: Just do some work on the tracks and the lower parts of the side skirts.

like this one:

or this one

Take Care