Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Four of Five German infantrymen is complete

four of five

Good news everybody! Four of five is almost totally complete. Very small things left aside from the base and cut up.

Having posed and fixed the rifle with the hands to the arms I have a little insight. The scale of the hands is a little bigger, I should have minded the scale better. The angle and pose of the left hand is too awkward to appear to be supporting the rifle. Maybe he's changing a magazine. In some angles it looks OK. I guess I could have planned it better. He looks pretty good none the less.

for the Glory of Mars

I also started another 1:35 model. This will be the definitive trooper prototype. I plan for it to be part of the most basic package of the crowd funded project; if that ever sees the light of day. You can see the basic anatomical masses already.

Just had a thought. If these guys are from Mars, shouldn't they have red camo? A strange thing to consider.

Flames of War

I'm also completing a German command and rifleman team which will give me one complete Panzergrenadier platoon. Sure are a lot of those guys in the Open Fire! box set.


Stargazer said...


Looks like his weapon jammed a moment before and he changes the mag now ;_D Away from that impressively big hands, I think he looks good so far!

And also does this new DT version (as far as I can say)!

Your FoW Germans are proceeding well. hope you find someone who will try a match with you.

My 20 mm Fallschirmjäger weren't that lucky and now wait somewhere behind my current projects for their star to rise again ... ;-D

So far so good!

Carry on ;-D


BlackHussarMiniatures said...

As already said via mail I like the progress a lot! The BW will look amazing...imagine them painted up!
The paint-Job of the OpenFire is very good, I know, what a batch of such little plastics mean, because I've painted the germans of the box during the last weeks...

Nadav Igra said...

Thanks a lot Stargazer and BlackHussarMiniatures. I too hope to find someone to play with by the time I finish everything. I enjoy painting and basing them, anyway.

Also, I am really looking forward to seeing the BW guys painted. It's not that far away now.

Thanks for the comments!