Sunday, 20 January 2013

The book of blog - sculpt and back again.

A lot of things to show and talk about so this blog post is divided into chapters.

Chapter 1. 
The Drop Trooper felt bulky.

I refined the clay sketch and came up with a better helmet design. It's inspired by medieval infantry and reminds of a samurai helmet or a riot control policeman's helmet. The flared nape protects the neck from debris and close quarters blows from above and behind.

It looks sort of nice but it's way too bulky. I think this trooper is unwieldy. He's designed as if he marches into the oncoming enemy fire; cumbersome like belting out fire from his rifle/cannon. I want my trooper to have a more nimble appearance. They need to look like their movements are not obstructed by their gear too much.

So I'm starting on another 3D sketch, this time it's in scale - 1 to 35. I've been wanting to do 1:35 for a while. In the picture you can see the beginning of the armature next to a Caesar 1:72 modern IDF that I recently painted. I'm heavily leaning towards working in FIMO a la JAG mix because it will allow me editability which is good for figuring stuff out.

Chapter 2.
Four of Five got his bones.

You can see him compared, again with our trusty IDF guy. Note the IDF soldier is standing on a small base thing so that's why he's a bit taller. Also, Four of Five has a slight bend to his knees, reducing his height.

Chapter 3.
G3 start.

I've begun making a G3 rifle which is for Four of Five. It's still "wet" as I write this so I'll go back after I post this blog and give it a little bit extra smoothing. The plan is to add the hands directly to the rifle instead of using them as a connecting mass to the main body.

Chapter 4.
Five of Five wears a shirt.

Added a shirt and vest base.

Chapter 5.
IDF paint.

Here are some shots of the aforementioned 1:72 IDF soldier. The manufacturer is Caesar. I painted him as a test to painting more. I think it's kind of nice. The weapon is a Cornershot platform.

Chapter 6.
Magach 6.

Finished building the ESCI 1:72 M-60 with Blazer kit. Though I wanted to be true to kit because I'm a complete beginner I will now use my sculpting powers to add a few details to make the tank look like it's in use with some gear and stuff.

The Flames of War in the sunlight.

Some nicer shots of the FOW units that I posted before.

That's it for now, write comments if you have any. You can subscribe to the blog or my twitter to get updates when I update.


Ben B. said...

Great job on all fronts! The painted IDF figure looks great, and the sculpting is coming along very well. I love the way the weapons look while you make them, that G3 is wonderful!

Nadav Igra said...

Hot dog! Thank you Ben B. that's really very kind of you to write. I hope you enjoy following the blog! I really want to do a good job with the gear and figures so I appreciate it that you appreciate it.