Monday, 28 January 2013

Bundeswehr, Mystery dudes, and Martians

I'm working on a set of five 1:72 Bundeswehr. Currently I'm about to add a G3 rifle to the fourth character, completing it and making progress on the fifth and final one. I'm also sculpting a mysterious other 1:72 figure (who are we kidding he's an IDF soldier, gah). I'm also in the process of setting up a crowd funded project to create, produce and sell 28mm Science Fiction Orbital Drop Troops. The work is mostly done in Green Stuff AKA Yellow Blue Kneadatite.

I've added another hand on the G3. The result is pleasing. I hope it stays that way when I attach it to the main body.

Added helmets to Five of Five and mystery guy.

Also made some sketches for the Science Fiction troopers.
The gun design is inspired by Kriss Vector and XM-29. I've also been looking at some of the classic sci fi guns like blasters, pulse rifle, starship troopers rifle and others. I'm explaining the very short barrel by some kind of magnetic acceleration magic that makes a short barrel as accurate and powerful as a long one. It might still change some but I'm kind of liking it.

Though the main idea is for people to be able to use the miniatures in their own system that they prefer I am making up a little back-story to fuel my imagination as I work. The concept, though still liquid, tells about a medium near future human society who colonized the solar system. They are attacked by intergalactic space aliens who almost completely destroy them. Earth has fallen. The aliens don't finish the job, though, for some reason. Maybe they got what they wanted and moved on or maybe they get coincidentally destroyed by another alien race. Lots of different ideas still floating around. You are welcome to post your ideas in the comments!

A tentative title I've come up with for this project is:

For the Glory of Mars.

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Stargazer said...


I am really impressed by what you have come up with until now. I really like those drop guys and I am eager to see what you will create next.

Though I am not really convinced by the weapon itself, as I already told you. For me it is way to bulky and short to be comfortable, but I am still willing to get another view on it ;-D

Nevertheless: Great work so far!

And I am also interested in seeing those BW guys finished one day!

All the Best