Wednesday, 30 January 2013

If the boot fits...

I've had a very long day. I don't have much to show for it, but I do feel kind of good about it.
I improved my portfolio slightly, added the latest Bundeswehr figure to it. You can check it out with the link on the right ---->

Says "portfolio" right there...

I also made a sort of collage from recent works to use as the title image.

Afterwards I sent out electronic mails to several different miniature companies that I'm interested in; asking if I could offer them my services. I know I'm not super pro level yet, but I think I'm in a good intermediate place and I need practice and money. If I did get some kind of gig I think I'll do a really good job.

If you know of anyone who might give us a go, you can refer them here or to my portfolio or write me a message. All my contact information is available in the portfolio link >>>

Speaking of which! There's something of another project, this time in 28mm. Not the sci fi project. Expect to see something soon. It might not be a lot at the moment but it'll be super awesome, trust me.

I then installed windows 8 and cleaned the floor. After I cleaned the floor the cat broke a jar. :|

Now I'm super tired but I did manage to get a good amount of work on a boot and a pant for the 1:35 prototype.

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