Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What do Orbital Drop Troops wear?

I carved off his foot and re-made the boot. The other one I'll get to when I remove him from the stand, so I have better access to it. I also added a boot and pant leg to mister Five of Five.

I'm a little critical of the results here again. I think the cold is affecting the behavior of the epoxy so I might try warming it a bit before working on the next session or something.

Thinking about Science Fiction Drop Troops. 

The idea of them is a branch of a future military which is not the main effort but a large portion capable of being inserted to a strategic location, performing a mission or taking hold of ground. A bit like paratroops or marines. They might be called something else, perhaps evocative of space or something.

How do they insert? Using a ship like aerospace cavalry or individually like paratroopers? Perhaps in pods single or team sized. Maybe they wear a special atmospheric re-entry suit which they shed upon landing. The method of insertion should also affect the tactics they use.

What do they wear? They must have the ability to operate in hostile environment, under fire from strange and unknown weapons. They need to survive in possibly hostile atmospheres, corrosive, incredibly hot or cold; maybe even in total vacuum or extremely thin atmospheres. They will be subject to very light gravity, very high gravity and even zero gravity.

I've thought about two main approaches to their outfit. They either wear very light uniforms and derive all their environment negotiating abilities from tech like shields and nano robots or they're completely armored and mechanized like astronauts. One thing that I really want to be able to do is show the faces so if they do wear full helmets it's going to be some kind of invisible visor.

I'll do more sketches. Here are a couple to look at.

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