Friday, 21 December 2012

Back in action!

My dear readers,
Hi! I'm back home and ready to go. I'll post updates on the sculpts as soon as I get some work in. I'm getting settled in a little but here are some photos from my trip in the meantime.
Not many people know we have cloaking ability

My favoritest machine

My gear lying around


Stargazer said...

Great :-D

I really like those pictures - and your elves camo cape looks also great :-D Lord of the rings modern warfare ... ;-D

But - what do I see? Some ACU camo on your equipment? :-D

Nadav Igra said...

Thanks, I really like the cape too. I never saw them before either.

The ACU is on my water bladder case which I had bought in the civilian market. I don't think there's any ACU gear in the IDF.

Stargazer said...

Yeah, I guessed it :-D Just wondered as for example we are not allowed to use other than the Flecktarn camo on private equipment.