Tuesday, 25 December 2012

You know what I love? Tiny landscaping. That's what.

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Incredibly swamped with illustration work. I can somehow work more and more and accomplish less and less it seems. Hrmpf. 

I could bring myself to mix a minuscule amount of Green Stuff and glue the G36 to the infantryman's hand and fix the arms in their position. 

What's this then?

I picked up via internet trade the Open Fire! box set by Battlefront. I've had my eye on Flames of War for a while mainly because of how well supported and presented it is by Battlefront. I think box sets of two complete forces are a fantastic way to have people buy into your game. It's certainly something I'd like to achieve some distant day. The new Open Fire! is so full of stuff I couldn't resist  It's really an incredible value for money in my opinion. 

I've been accruing scenery stuff and paints and decided to go ahead and paint a unit. I don't have all the exact accurate paints for everything but I did my best mixing up the paints I needed with what I have. These are the first miniatures I've painted in 11 years or so, I think. It's what you might call "table top" level of work. 

On the other hand, landscaping the base was really really cool and fun. I'm looking forward to doing more base work. Send your ideas on things one might find on a scenic base. I still want to have a general "everywhere" sort of look so nothing too out of the ordinary. 

My conclusion is that 15mm or 1:100 is also a really awesome scale. Especially with the enhanced presentation options you get with the "big" bases. 

I'd love to do some kind of Flames of War, Israeli Arab wars. Wouldn't that be cool? 

I'll update my progress as I make it. 


Stargazer said...


hm - this G 36 does not convince me. I don't know, why, but it looks too bulky compared to those you created early. Especially the hand rail and the barrel look somehow too long and big. I don't know, if that is just the pictures, but it looks quite strange. (Or it could be those arms being thin).

Your 15 mm miniatures look good. I suppose those to be IDF troopers? In that case, I would try to mix the colour with an earth colour or dark brown in order to get a much yellow green touch on the uniforms.

But I really like those! Keep it up!


Nadav Igra said...

Yes, you're right. It does look exceptionally huge. It's a mix of the photograph, the tiny hands and being a little bit big. It's not that far from the proportions of the earlier ones though. I'll keep an eye on how it looks later on.

The soldiers are WWII paratroopers from the Flames of War boxed set Open Fire!

Stargazer said...

Ahso I see.

Well - then I would give them a more brown paint as the US Paratroopers uniform in WWII was more brown.


But as I said - I really like them!