Saturday, 8 December 2012

Miniature rifleman 4: The pantsening

What up peeps?

I mean, hello folks. 
I've added pants.
There's a preparation for knee pads which I will add later. He's going to be more kitted up and have goggles on his helmet too. I think the P8 will be in a fast draw holster on his vest. 

I machined the G36 V3 some. Carved a bit here and there. I came up with a cool technique for the barrel. I cut a strip of sanding paper and folded it on itself but without creasing it. I then rotated the barrel inside the strip to sand it down. It worked very nicely!

In other news we are now at a whopping 8(count 'em, eight) followers! You are awesome! Thank you so much. Shout out to my twitter peeps!

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BlackHussarMiniatures said...

Nice idea with the P8 on the vest!
I like it!