Monday, 3 December 2012

Miniature HK G36- grip added. +5/5

The grip will need a little machining after it cures. It's a bit thick but I'm pleased with the planes. I'm getting the hang of these G36s! Not sure if you can see it but the case deflector is on there too. I sanded down and carved some things like the magazine and the carry handle. I'll need to improve the stock, add the x3 sight and barrel/flash hider. 

Added some anatomical bulk to Five of Five Bundeswehr infantry, modern, shooting. 

I forgot to mention, this arrived by post:

nerdCred +2

Now I just need to know and understand the rules and find someone who will play with me.


Stargazer said...

I would, but I guess it is bit far from here to you :-D

Nadav Igra said...

We should play by Blog! :)

Stargazer said...


Well, playing by blog could be a bit difficult, but by Mail or Messenger could be working ;-D