Sunday, 2 December 2012

Rhinoplasty for a miniature man.

You'll be glad to read everybody is now healthy except for me. I'm serviceable though, so it's inconsequential. I've been chipping away at my work load. I found a little time and worked some on the miniatures. 

I improved the facial features of Four of Five(Bundeswehr, Shooting) and added feet stubs also.

I bulked up the anatomy of mystery man no. 2.

Here's a scale comparison with an Italeri U.S. Marine that came for a visit. As you can see, things look pretty good in the 1 to 72 scale world of miniature soldiers. AKA 20mm. Everybody plays together nicely.

The Italeri is very different from the Caesar miniatures(figures?). The details on the weapons are a lot more crisp and recognizable though still somewhat generic and non specific. The faces and clothes are slightly less appealing, though. Also, because they're plastic injection there's that sense of "flatness" of the pose and the areas where there could not be undercuts are just planes that break up the sculpt. Our guys, if and when they get made won't have that because they will be multi part. Hopefully it all works seamlessly in the end.

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