Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sleeves? Where we're going we won't need "sleeves".

Famous quote. It's legit.

1 to 72 scale German soldier does and will need sleeves. So I Green Stuff sculpted one for him and a hand to boot! 

Speaking of boots, I do kinda want to do something about them. 

Oh hai!

There's more words down here too.
So I'm thinking about something and want to get some more opinions. I want to try and crowdfund a small scale project (pun intended, regrettably) and I'm thinking about what would be most awesome.
Enter poll.
The basic gist is some small 5-10 unit sized pack. The options I have for the poll are:

  • World War 2 figures 
  • Historical IDF 
  • Modern IDF
  • Fantasy figures of a theme that combines Cold War aesthetic with stock fantasy types, I call this style War Punk. 
  • Near Future Special Forces and opposing Aliens.
  • Sci Fi infantry orbital drop troops

I'm adding a second poll to see what scales I should do.

  • 1:35- good for large models, role playing games and pure "hobby" pursuits.
  • 1:64/1:54- 28mm scale - excellent for squad tactics, up to platoon.
  • 1:72- 20mm scale, also good for models, good for squad up to company or two size games.
  • 1:100- 15mm scale- very nice for larger forces; platoon to battalion.

Both polls will run until the 15th at midnight. I hope they can give me an idea of where to steer my thoughts in the matter.

You can write your ideas, if you have any for the theme and scale. I may add them to the polls. Please direct your miniature gaming friends to the poll so I can get as complete a picture as possible if any.

There you go. Cast your votes!


Stargazer said...

I am keen to see how the Bundeswehr guy is going on. Now with his hands the gun looks better, but his hand looks a bit thick, I think.

regarding your poll:

Man, you really got me :-D

Sounds very interesting - your plans.

F├╝r me, interesting would be:

Modern IDF 1/72 (20 mm)

or those scifi orbital drop troops in 28 mm ;-D

For me, especially those sci fi theme is quite nice, as I am developing such a drop troop (Or in German Gravitationsschirmj├Ąger - Grav chute troops) for a story myself.

Nadav Igra said...

Heh, looking at it now the hand is HUGE! I guess I'll roll it back a little bit.
I think a great lesson I've just come to realizing is to add the hand to the rifle and then attach it to the arm.

I know there's quite a gap in the availability of Modern IDF in 20mm.

I also like the idea of doing Sci Fi dudes. There's quite a lot of room for expression and interpretation there.

(vote in the poll)