Sunday, 11 November 2012

1/72 is just a cool scale

The helmet cover is on and the shape is much more appealing. I'm really excited about how these guys are coming out. Can't wait to see pictures of painted ones as part of gamer's armies. I'm enjoying the scale very much. It's that little extra bit smaller than the "28mm" so it's more miniature and it's still large enough for all that excellent detail.

Look what I'm doing with the arms. As preparation to posing the figure I've added Green Stuff to serve as bones so I can preserve the proportions.

This man now has ears and leg drop rig straps. I've decided to roll back a little and not work on too much at one time so I can get better results.

G36 2 of 5 is coming along. I think it looks really nice.

Proof of concept for the cut up figure. With the dowel system he's holding up without any glue; he will fall apart if shaken a bit so players/modelers will need to glue things in place.

AND A CRAZY LABORATORY WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST FOLLOWERS! Hooray! We're at a whooping 5 followers. Thanks for signing up you guys!


Stargazer said...

That's how a G 36 should look like!!!! Proportions look quite right in my eyes (or at least nearly right *laughing*)

I love it for sure.

And I can't wait to paint those guys when they are done ^^

Great work! Keep it up

Nadav Igra said...

Thank you Stargazer! I'll keep going.