Saturday, 17 November 2012

We're almost at 3 20mm Germans

I've sculpted the sleeve and hand of the right arm. Afterwards I added a little bit of Green Stuff to the area where the left arm will go because it was somewhat uneven. My hope is that using the Brown Stuff for "fixing" the pose of the arm will create a weaker bond between the parts and allow me on the one hand(no pun intended) to work on the arms with some resistance offered by the armature and on the other hand to create a clean separation when it comes to cutting it up. The results remain to be seen. The worst case scenario is that it won't make any difference, I hope.
I brushed a very fine layer of Vaseline on the fore grip of the rifle and positioned the arm. This is for an even cleaner breaking point as I don't need two joints to support the position of the arm.

On the other dude I sculpted a couple more pouches, clasps and the helmet. I then added the helmet cover. I also continued with my "bone" structure with some minor tweaks.

Until next time.

If you'd like to comment please write something.

You can say what other types of modern Germans you'd like to see: command, advancing etc. Perhaps other types of units, spec ops, AFV crewmen and such or even if you'd like to see completely different national army guys, militia, perhaps entirely different historical figures. Go crazy.

As an aside, I'm starting to think about doing some vehicle models but I haven't the faintest clue on how to go about it. I see a material order coming in the near future. :)

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Stargazer said...


I really like those guys. You know my thoughts, remember those pictues I send you.

Would like to see more Germans in combat, maybe advancing, and standing Germans in lower poses, as those poses are not much effective in a fire fight (remember the pictures and videos I sent you - walking/standing very low and shooting.

I also would like to see more Special Forces, for example KSK or Fallschirmjaeger-Spezialzug, as those units have got quite nice equipment and reflect parts of the more "active" part of the German operation in Afghanistan.

It would also be nice to have more options on the figures, for example different helmets, as a lot of the German troops over there (especially the QRF/Fallschirmjaeger), use a lot of equipment bought by themselves.

But I really love the start! First two, three figures look very nice to me and I would absolutely buy them. (If the final mould has the same quality as those sculpts!)

Wanna see more! Keep it up!