Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sculpting anatomy 20mm

Building up the anatomical shapes. 

For some reason as I was adding a lump to serve as the base for the head of the one guy I started pushing the material around to make a place for adding the face and decided to just do the face. The work was pretty hard and I won't try it again without the basic form underneath; the whole thing flopped around. I sort of got control of it in the end. It needs a little more work still but it's cool to have.

 I got two more guys to add the shapes to and then I'll do some work on the 2nd G36.

For those who have been following- the dice are on their way now and I'm slowly reading the Force on Force rulebook. I love the smell of the print ;)

This will be Bundeswehr infantryman 4/5


This is mystery faction guy

Kneeling and pointing.


Stargazer said...

Man, you really keep me waiting :-D I am eager to see how the whole project goes on!

Did I understand that right? The BW guys will not be sold anymore? Or is it still planned to release them soon?

Nadav Igra said...

Sorry! The boy has gotten a virus again and his mom is also sick now. :(

Why, where? They are supposed to be sold to the producer who will manufacture them. But have patience because it will take a while.

So, sold- yes. Soon- no.

Stargazer said...

Ah okay,

in one of your previous posts, it sounded like it would be a private project from now on - Fortunately I was mistaken ;-D