Sunday, 4 November 2012

What is wrong with your face?

Never mind what I had written earlier about them being shorter than an average man. After taking measurements and comparing to my proportion reference they're dead on. Except the one guy had one leg that's 0.5mm too long and one leg that's 0.5mm too short. Oh, and they both lacked between 0.5-2mm in the shoulder height but that's a matter of build. They came out a little muscled. I fixed all that and got another session in after that.

I worked on the one guys face. I'm adding extreme macro shots where you can see everything that's wrong with him. He's in line for one of those nose extension operations. For 1:72 I think it's pretty good. Better than my previous attempts, not as good as what can be achieved. I've almost gotten a good technique going except for the stage where I go "wow, that looks amazing! just one more prod"... everything is completely ruined. PANIC! PANIC! SCULPTOR SMASH!

There may be some interesting approach where I mix very small batches of Green Stuff for making the miniature face and adding them at different stages. Maybe.

The G36 is coming along splendidly. Look how fine those brass filaments let me make some details!

Guy number two has had a head nub added so far. I'm trying to make it lean to the one side. A big problem for me is I try to make the head leaning and whatever I do it comes out straight and level. Very frustrating.

The bumps are just large molecules so be forgiving this is super extreme close up.


Stargazer said...


really like the outcome so far. Even the really muscular face. It has something really cool in it.

My favourite shot is this one:

He looks like: "Yeah ... they hit my ass and it hurts. So what? Say a word and I'll kick into your face, you sorry dickhead!"

I like that :-D

Looking forward to see your next progress^^


Nadav Igra said...

Heheheh :D