Monday, 19 November 2012

Disaster strikes, somehow improves work.

As I was working on the guy he slipped and somehow I broke off the G36. I could not proceed with adding the rest of the left arm but in the end re-positioning it and reinforcing it made it look more better! Thanks, Loki, I suppose. 

Here he is posing in front of my handsome epiphytic moss. I want to do some work on the flash hider, and add a base. Also we're gonna cut everything up (GULP). But I'm well prepared. Note the left hand is not stuck at all to the rifle. 

I made progress on the other guy too. Improved his helmet which looked a little bicycle like and added a shirt collar. I need to make a new gun for him, which I started on. His arms will wait till then. 

In the session after the next we'll start on the next 2 guys. Which will bring us to the complete 5 figures! 

I'm also considering starting a side project of making units speculatively, without selling them in advance. I sort of really want to make some modern IDF. I know that there aren't that many available in 1/72.

For scale- next to some items.


Stargazer said...


you are right. Gives the miniature a more dynamic pose. Well done, disaster!

Nadav Igra said...

Heheh, thanks!
It just goes to show that bad thing can turn out to be good thing.

I'm sure there's a proverb like that but I'm too tired. :)