Saturday, 24 November 2012

New armatures - 20mm FTW!

My dear readers. Most exciting news recently. First, I apologize for being so late with this update. I've had a hell of a week. My infant son has had some kind of series of virus illness and I've been taking care of him which demanded almost all of my time and attention. I did make some progress and you can see it here, most of it from today. 

What's this exciting news you speak of, you ask? Well, as you may or may not know I haven't been able to find work in my professional career. Neither as a salaryman nor as an independant. The market has had some slow down in the past year. 

Suddenly, though, there has been a very dramatic inflow of projects my way meaning that for the next couple of months at the very least I am going to work from home. Most of these are in my illustration field of work. What this means for the miniatures is that I can set aside a little time for a couple of sessions per day and will be able to move forward much faster.

I'm working on making the G36 for the third of our five shooting Bundeswehr modern ISAF infantry. The second guy is sitting pretty on his base; I have had to extend it a little because it was unstable. 

And looky here! FOUR, count 'em, four distinct 20mm or 1/72 armatures. I need two more Bundeswehr infantry so who on earth could these extra two guys be?!?! I decided to put work towards a speculative, personal project seeing how nice the German soldier miniatures are coming along. 

A fruit fly chilling on a statue. He imagines he is a pigeon.


Stargazer said...

This sunglasses guy reminds me more of a very special eagle - this one:

But the outcome is great! Remembering the poses you plan for the new guys, I just can say: I am eager to see how they go along!

btw: Did you think of sculpting some MG-3 or MG-4? As some kind of support weapons?

Happy to see your workload increasing. As long as it doesn't take most of your time, you are a lucky man, I think.

And all the best for your son! Hope he gets better soon.

Take care!


Nadav Igra said...

I'm not doing support weapons yet though one dude is going to have a grenade launcher and one guy will have a G3 (don't know why, really).

Thanks for the well wishing. The boy is doing better already and I'm working away. :D

Stargazer said...

Maybe he is some kind of a sniper? G 3 is often used as long range weapon, due its 7,62 mm shells are better suited for combatting foes on long range.

Looking forward to see more!