Friday, 2 November 2012

Anatomical shapes

Session two: anatomical mass. In the interest of working faster in this session I added the majority of the anatomical mass with the Green Stuff. Also, you may note that I neglected to add such an anatomical base for the previous guy which caused much redoing of areas that came out wrong. So this is an improvement in the work flow.

Taking a measurement it seems these guys are actually a tad short. Can't hurt to have some variance in height. Not everyone is 1.8 meters tall, after all. I'll have a good look into it before the next phase.

I may do a little bit of re-posing. The one guy seems to really lean forward. It looks very dynamic but I don't want him to be off balance. We'll see.

There's going to be quite a bit of carving before the next laying of putty. Some details will do well with changing their shape.

Very slight progress on the G36. I repositioned the carry handle armature, shaved some matter off and added reinforcements in other areas.


Stargazer said...

Cool Outcome so far. What poses do you intend to build?

Nadav Igra said...

Thank you.
These two are standing and shooting. I will have another one kneeling and another one standing.

Stargazer said...

Okay :-D I am looking forward to the next update!