Thursday, 1 November 2012

Full steam ahead!

I got  a lot of feedback on how bulky the G36 was so I tried to slim it down. I think it looks very much improved now. I also shaved some more off the right hand; it's still too large though. I sanded the base a bit to make it nicer. You can see some "beauty shots" below.

I'm not slowing down and have started on the next two guys. I'm trying to speed up the process by adding significantly more mass at the first session. I also decided to use thin copper strands for the arms so I don't have to contend with too bulky hands.

Started on G36 number 2. Note the use of copper strand for the carry handle. Again, to get higher fidelity with the proportions. I also, unlike the first version, left the bottom part of the buttstock without the wire at this point. I'll use copper filament for that as well. I just hope it doesn't fall apart when I start working on it. I may need a consolidation phase to make sure that it holds all the loose armature parts like the pistol grip, carry handle and magazine.

Take note of the carry handle and right hand.

That's my lovely epiphytic moss.

pew pew pew

Come at me bro

the other new armature with dude no. 1 for comparison. You can see already that they're going to be best buds.

G36 V2

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