Wednesday, 7 November 2012

German Miniatures update (sunglasses,G36, straps)

Today's update: Two magazine pouches, hair and chin straps on one guy. Some nice progress on the G36 (will have to carve/ file some of it) and a face with shades and leg drop rig straps for guy #2.

Starting to look the part.



Stargazer said...

Great work.

I already love those guys. I need to get a bunch, just to have them! ;-D

Will there bee some guys with caps or boonie hats? I know, not common for combat units, but nevertheless very nice *smile*

looking forward to see the next update.


Nadav Igra said...

Thank you! I'm eager to finish them as well and see the cast result. We might do some alternative heads that a hobbyist with the right knowledge can swap around. These guys are all going to have helmets I think but there might be some guys who hadn't put on their helmet...