Sunday, 17 March 2013

1:52 planetFaller is nearing completion.

Recap: almost completed this 1:52 (large 28mm/34mm) science fiction soldier. I'm working with Green Stuff. The trooper is a planetary orbital cavalry type who I've name planetFallers. I'm fixing to make an entire units worth of these guys. Hopefully this will be a line of miniatures that I will offer to the public.

If you want to help along, please take a look at my indieGoGo campaign aiming to found a new miniatures studio and consider contributing or spreading the message:

Anyhow, this last update I've added the right shoulder plate and lowered the carrying handle by something like half a millimeter. Now the area around it looks a little mushy, I'll shave and sand it flat (I hope). The assault handle broke off- if I decide I want to keep them I'll add reinforcement to the next one.

I also update the backpack and added a knife in a sheath.

Check out the weathering on the pad.

The backpack is now asymmetric 

Some nicer pics of my Flames of war guys that I recently finished. 2x PAK-40 + command and an American command team.


Stargazer said...

Great work! He looks like a real soldier! Well done, Nadav

Hopefully, those Fallers will be available some day! I need them.

Nadav Igra said...

Thank you S.G.! I hope your wish comes true! :)