Saturday, 2 March 2013

Why I want money.

For those of you just joining- I'm currently working on two 1:52 characters. They are a planetFaller - a type of space soldier in the future and a Gnome War Necromancer who is in a theme that I call War-Punk. War Punk = fantasy + early mid 20th century military.

If you haven't heard about it I am also running an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds so I can work more intensely as I improve my skills and actually manufacture miniatures and sell them to the public. I've had a great response so far with raising almost 500$ which is a lot of money. Unfortunately it seems to have somewhat stalled but I'm not giving up just yet.

So, if you're a supporter or just curious here are some thoughts about the campaign. A question that came up on some forums is:

Why do you need money?

Alternatively it's why so much money. First of all, the main point I'd like to make is that I don't want hand outs. The core concept of the campaign is to sell the two miniatures that I'm offering and to be damn sure that I have the resources to manufacture and ship every contributor his pieces. The other benefit that I want from it is to be able to devote more time to working and making more miniatures.

As it stands, I've dedicated quite a bit of time already. I enjoy it. But I've always done it with my eye on a goal which is to become professional and create miniatures to cast and sell. More than that I'd like to create games that feature said minis. I will continue working on it but it's coming to a point where I have to engage in gainful employment (to be frank it's WAY past that point). Again, I'm not going to stop but without some inflow of cash I will have to slow down considerably.

As a show of my seriousness I've set the goal to be FIXED. That means that unless the entire amount is raised I will not get anything and the contributions will be refunded. The reason for that is one - I need to be able to deliver on my promise. I set the amount so I can be certain to be able to fulfill the trust my contributors put in me.

I've always thought of money as being a way for the collective society to decide what are worthwhile uses of our productive efforts. Time is money, in a sense. It is my belief that games are the highest form of art because they are not merely appreciated but they are engaged and given a life of their own. The miniatures and accouterments are only something that enables that; being such they are more beautiful in my eyes than a sculpture in a museum. To think that the player also has a part in the creative process(in painting and assembly/conversion) makes it all the more beautiful. If you agree that it's something that's worthwhile I will appreciate if you consider contributing to the fund raising campaign on indieGoGo. 

That's enough for now. You can as always, write comments and send your questions if you have any. I've had some people converse with me about what other factions might inhabit the planetFaller universe and I think that's for our next installment.

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