Thursday, 21 March 2013

Making a difficult call

planetFaller complete

There he is, standing in a slotted base.

Looks pretty cool.

Our indieGoGo campaign is almost at an amazing 700$ !!! With a week to go you never know what might happen. Keep in mind, though, that if the campaign doesn't reach 5,000$ all the contributions will be refunded.

Scale Shift

Now for the hard part. 1:52 is a great scale. The miniature has a lot of presence and the details are discernible at arms length without dialing in your focus. The problem is that along side popular 28mm size miniatures it looks too oversized. After taking some measurements with GW miniatures I've got lying around I determined that in order to fit in with other popular manufacturers miniatures the scale of my figures needs to be between 1:54 and 1:60. I'm going to do some tests with drawn or printed silhouettes to figure out what the exact scale should be.

This means I'm going to start over! That's the good part. It means I can re-consider the designs and do over parts that I wasn't pleased with before. For the planetFaller I'm considering a fully closed helmet and a slimmer weapon.

Looking ahead

The experience I've gained so far with the sculpture and the crowd funding campaign helped me formulate a sort of germ of a plan for the future. I want to make a  set of a squad of planetFallers, an exFor troop and scenery. It means there will be a considerable amount of work before I can come forward with anything but I believe it's vital for the "offering" to be well rounded, or complete before it can be marketed to the public. The setting I've come up with is a derelict outpost taken over by hostile exFor. Ideas for the setting, characters, exFor, title and everything else are as always very welcome.

I can't promise that it will get manufactured or that I will finish the project. Life can get in the way sometimes, you may know. But I've got a project to work on and a reasonable expectation of how it can be achieved so you can follow along and see what happens.

Familiar news:

Weasel wins by a land slide! More on him later.

The backpack can be placed up side down!

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