Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Starting on the right boot.

recap: I'm working on a force of 1:56 planetFallers, a sci-fi drop troop. I'm trying to make 3 at a time in assembly line fashion.

I've added basic anatomy to all the figures. Now I'm starting with the boots. I really want to take the work to "the next level" so I'm taking extra long to do the top layer. I've completed one right boot and I'll continue with the next two guys, alternating to the left and so on.

I took some comparison photographs with the 1:52 planetFaller and a heroic 28mm figure which has been obscured. The difference seems exceptionally dramatic. It seems that my 1:52 planetFaller is a little extra large. Though I work closely with a proportional print out at scale there is a fair amount of eyeballing and size variation that occurs. By my calculations he would be, with his boots and helmet on 1.97 meters tall or about ~1.85 to ~1.95. A bit tall but not a giant. Take note that the incomplete figure will "grow" some with the head and helmet sculpted on.

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