Sunday, 3 March 2013

Gnome Necromancer/ exFor ideas

Progressed a bit on the gnome with the face and shirt. Make note that most of the shirt will be behind straps for all the bags he has to carry with spells, scrolls and magic items. Any ideas what might make an awesome familiar? A ghoulish platypus?

I also took some time to make the boots on the planetFaller. As you can see I had an idea about the knee pads which seemed a little off with the larger 1:35 prototype.

Some ideas that are floating around for the planetFallers exFor. 

An interesting note is that as we make more inhabitants for the universe a story or a setting becomes more and more crystallized. Do you suppose the "fluff" should be part and parcel of a miniatures setting or should it be left up to the player? How about a system for the creation of unique narratives that fit each faction. I think that sounds pretty cool. Some kind of limited campaign system based on an emergent narrative.

  • An early FTL human fleet returns from being lost in space. Their consciousness has been taken over by a fungal hive mind; a hyper intelligent space mushroom.
  • Crystalline entities or silicone based life forms. They might drive robotic bodies or form into humanoid and other shapes.
  • A gigantic self engineering biological entity- a species or coalition of species that is actually only one organism. 
  • Bugs. Naturally. Always with the bugs.
  • Extremely small or extremely large aliens.
  • Abstract entities jutting into our dimension by the power of unfathomable technologies.
  • Space junkers - just doing their job, these aliens attack human colonies and ships to gather scrap and other materials. Human brains being a known delicacy. 
  • Almost forgot: other humans. Opposing nation planets for example.

Suggestions and comments are welcome!

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