Sunday, 24 March 2013

1:56 is the new black

Howdy folks,
I would have updated earlier but my internet was temporarily down. I had to read an old book by candle light and eat canned foods until it was restored.

After some measuring and comparing I determined that my new scale is 1:56. Seemingly tiny space men range between 1:54 and 1:60 for the purpose of the famous 28mm or heroic 28mm or ~32mm scale. At 1:56 my guys are sure to fit in with the cool kids. Though there doesn't seem to be such a big jump between the scale factors they do add up and the difference is significant.

In the photos you can see I started on 3 new guys. They are all planetFallers in 1:56 scale. I sprinkled in some sketches.

I'm also looking to find out what the heavy infantry look like. I'm trying out several hard suit designs. It's a little difficult to find a good balance between function and appearance. What are your thoughts on the matter? Should support weapons be carried by robots perhaps, combat drones? Hmmm... maybe anthropoidic robots.

That's it for now.


Omer G. Joel said...

I'd love to see comparison pics of these with 28mm miniatures and "28mm" "heroic" miniatures ala GW to get a glimpe of the scale involved.

Nadav Igra said...

No problemo.
Check out my more recent blog post.