Thursday, 14 March 2013

Magnetic hands is good maybe?

Though I've still got a way to go in terms of sculpting hands I have to say the fingers of the left hand are simply dee-lish! I've had this thought, tell me if you have any comments. I could provide the hands with a pre made hole for a magnet, as well as one in the wrist (or at least a mark for it, I'm not sure how well a hole might cast). Then you can swap the weapons according to your "load out". I think I can do the same with the back pack. Just a thought at this stage.

I added tabs to the ammo pouches, did some minor fixes here and there (bag straps, back of neck and plate strap) and added a small general purpose pouch. The hands and arms are ready to be fitted to the hands and dressed up.

Comments welcome. That's it for now.

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