Monday, 11 March 2013

Scale talk and pouches roll back


I've added pouches and a drop leg satchel thing. The pouches, now, look too mushy. I originally intended, because it's difficult to make square shapes out of a blob, to do a base shape and dress the pouch on top of that. As I was working it seemed like a waste not to try and complete the pouch anyway and the result is not satisfactory. I think I'll shave back the pouches into a base shape and do the skin of it on top of that so it looks more crisp.


I'm going to start on the gun soon. I printed out a reference to scale. I was thinking about the backpack. What would fit? what would look good? Should he have a huge backpack with lots of gear and a lot of compartments or a smaller "operator" pack. How about a hard shell? How about some mechanical or some other machine strapped to his back? Maybe a mix of hard and soft?

Send your comments. 


By the way, someone dropped the idea of post apocalyptic figures might be cool. I'll be glad to hear of some interesting characters that might fit. 

A note on scale.

Today I thought a little bit about the scale. I've decided that I liked 1:52 so far. 28mm being a loose scale, it might still fall inside of it on the larger side. It said somewhere that it was considered "true 30mm", then again, the height of an average man is more like 34mm. I think all in all it's a larger scale than most. I don't really have an extensive miniatures collection. I've got some GW minis from 15 years ago and they seem dwarfed next to these guys but I understand that they grew a bit in the meantime. I wonder, is it a bad or a good thing? As a small business I can strive to fit in with the biggest, the most ubiquitous or strike out my own niche. The difference isn't very large though. I saw somewhere that GW minis were 1:54. Comment if you have a thought on this. I'd appreciate some pictures of different miniatures next to metric rulers if you can link or send ones.

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Siygess said...

On the matter of the backpack I would say.. that depends on how you imagine these guys would be deployed. If they are dropped in at platoon strength and expected to operate for up to a week without resupply, then I can imagine them deploying with separate equipment drops. In that case, each trooper might have a slim pack akin to the Eagle Map to supplement his 1st line gear.

On the other hand, if they are dropped in at squad strength with missions that were shorter in duration then it would be more likely that each trooper would carry all of his mission critical gear on his person.. so a medium sized backpack, probably a hard shell to ensure that the equipment was not damaged on the way down.

Nadav Igra said...

Excellent comment Siygess! Thanks for dropping by :)
Interesting and thought out. I have something to chew on.

Stargazer said...


thinking on the matter, I would agree with Siygess but also add that it not just depends on size of the unit. Further more the mission and its directive are important.
I mean – a special ops mission like infiltrate, eliminate, exfiltrate or an ambush operation requires a mobile and appropriate force, which makes it impossible to carry heavy loads.
A long time operation - for example holding of position or a greater offensive campaign - requires a lot of support material which would make it necessary to use larger backpacks. Those backpacks could be carried by the soldier himself (as modern Paras do) or dropped in by supply containers (for example those of the German Fallschirmjäger in WWII or modern special forces).


Regarding your outcome so far: I know, I haven’t written much due to a lot of things I had to do, but nevertheless: I really love the new miniatures you created (as you know – especially the planetFallers). The new guy has quite a recognizable pose and despite he isn’t finished I love him!)

I currently have no thoughts for your scale problem, but if you wish I can make some comparison shots with my elysians and British Airborne.

Take Care!


Nadav Igra said...

Thanks S.G.!
I've decided on a hard/soft mix with a small/medium backpack.