Tuesday, 12 March 2013

planetFaller's pack

Recap- working on a 1:52 planetFaller. 1:52 scale being a very large so called "28mm" size for miniatures. It can also be called, more accurately, 34mm but I think the scale designation is the best. PlanetFallers are a type of light troops who drop into the operating theater from planetary orbit. I'm working in Green Stuff which is a type of polymeric epoxy putty; a traditional medium for miniature sculpting.


Here we go with the back pack. It's got a "hard" part which is future tech machine and a soft part which holds nutrition pills and magic tech from the future. I figured since the planetFallers are a rapid intervention sort of fellows they don't carry excessive gear. It being the future, everything is miniaturized and fits in a small backpack as well as other pouches and satchels that are on there.


I edited the look of the gun to aid with production and style. I think it works better now. There's more work to be done yet.

Pouches Roll Back

After all that talk I forgot to not- after carving the pouches a bit I decided it would be superflous to add another layer to them. They're improved enough and a lesson is learned.

IMS Go Go Go

If you don't know about it, I'm trying to help speed matters along by running a crowd funding campaign. You can join in and help me by purchasing four miniatures. One is to be decided by aid of popular vote - a 1:52 necromancer's familiar! The poll will go on later today.

You can see I also added straps to the drop leg rig 

All together now 


Stargazer said...

I am absolutely happy with this guy. The backpack looks tremendous! It totally fits to the whole guy! Great work. I am also keen to see the gun finished!

Keep on working!

Justus said...

Hey, your familiar poll doesn't seem to be working properly. It won't recognize my vote!

Justus said...

Never mind, it fixed itself while I was writing that comment. Great work on this guy, by the way!

Nadav Igra said...

Thank you Stargazer and Justus!
Looking at the backpack now, there's something off with those circular bits. I think I'll have to improve them somehow.